The First BORAX-FREE Wick with 100% Burning Guarantee*

Due to intensive development efforts and close collaboration with leading research institutions, we have managed to revolutionize the future of the candle industry and achieved a borax-free wick with burning-guarantee.

Up to this day, there have been many attempts to replace the pollutant Borax by environmental-friendly substances. Unfortunately, the results for series production were not very convincing. However, now we have achieved a breakthrough; so, your wick-experts are now able to promise you a borax-free wick composition: We guarantee that our borax-free wicks achieve at least the same flame-results as those you have implemented so far!

Find out for yourself – test our wick preparations and profit in manifold ways

Securing Your
Competitive Advantage

Development Works
Save Time & Costs

No Risks: take advantage
of burning guarantee

You would like to learn more about our flame-results with our borax-free wicks?

Burning Test - Tea Lights

Burning Test - Pillar Candles

Burning Test - Stearin Candles


We gladly offer you money-back-guarantee for the development of your borax-free wick.

Should our wick-preparation not burn at least as good -or even better- than your current wick, all our efforts remain free of charge for you! You do not pay one Cent for our works and we will return the full amount to your account!

How can you develop and test borax-free wicks for your production?

In order to achieve optimized flame-results with borax-free wicks; a completely different process is required compared to common wick-developments.

We are ready to provide you with our know-how and experience and take over the complete development works for you.

Ready for “take off”?

How do You Obtain Borax-Free Wick-Samples?

My first contact to Schreiber-Experts

Our first communication clarifies all necessary tasks your enterprise has to deal with and of course your product as well. We discuss the required period of time as well as the target of your product development. We answer all your questions and clarify all assigned responsibilities for this project-process.

Costs for the Development-Program ´BORAX-FREE´

We offer all above described processes clear up to “series-maturity” at a fixed price of €2.500 + VAT.

These development costs are understood for one complete production group.

Your Borax-Free Wick – what is left for you to do?

Outsource all development works and time consuming burning tests to our professional laboratory and…

  • book our development program ´BORAX-FREE´
  • Please send your current sales product from the ongoing series-production (amount upon consultation with us) as well as the wax of the wick you are currently implementing
  • Please avail your current technical product data to our use (i.e. height of flame, burning time, burning properties and possible specifics within your production)

Subsequently, you receive borax-free wicks for your “double-check”, perhaps your own tests, your quality-control or even for your initial production tests.

The Development Program of BORAX-FREE – Our Performance:

You save time & hassle, WE take over the complete development works as well as all technical documentation for you:

  • Firstly, we start out with a burning analysis and a technical documentation of your current product in order to know about your expectations in regards to our borax-free solution
  • Next step; we adapt the specifications of our borax-free product to your current candle product
  • Now we conduct extensive burning tests with according adaptions until we`ll have found the optimized solution for your product
  • Each and every burning test and –analysis are documented for you
    You receive along with the wick samples; a systematic comparison of all burning results; “current wick” – “borax-free wick”, by providing you with a time lapse-video that presents the entire burning time of the candle.
  • Subsequently, we are happy to be of your assistance for all ´fine-tuning´; support you by all means and accompany you until your borax-free wick is implemented in production and series manufacturing
  • Upon request we would be happy to provide you with further samples of wicks of your choice

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