Our particularly efficient FDR-series

Due to our latest innovation; we have complemented our range of wicks for taper- & board candles, by providing you with a further product-solution.
Now, we are able to clearly visualize the optimization of our wick-developments. Owing to the state-of-art technology we are now able to braid the wick with a few fibers only, achieving a real meterage of 1.200 – 1.700m/kg.

Just for you to compare; this is an increase of real meterage, in meters by up to 70%; in contrast to the previous wick-models.
In return, we have achieved a comparably better pricing target towards the previously implemented wicks for you.

Also, our flame-testing has turned out to be very convincing; the new wick offers a stable absorbency, causing a smooth, leveled-out and uniform flame of the candle.

Our latest experience with this novelty has proven clearly, that the new wicks provide a real alternative to the previous ones for taper- & board candles.
You may change, i.e. from FLD 3×13 to FDR 3×6 and benefit from these savings.

Mostly, it is this delicate nuance that evokes the decisive factor of which wick is best suited for your final product.
See for yourself; which product-variation is most consenting for you. You are welcome to request your favorite wick-sample now and simply test our innovative wick!

Key-Data “at one glance”:

Size of wicks available:

FDR 3×5: 1.975 m/kg
FDR 3×6: 1.700 m/kg
FDR 3×7: 1.535 m/kg
FDR 3×8: 1.320 m/kg

Best suited for: taper- & board candles ranging between 9-25 mm; blends of 100% paraffin and blends of up to 15% Stearin

Size of bobbin: approx. up to 7.5 kg (max)

The specialty of this novelty: the high absorbency of the wick causes an optimized flame-behavior of the candle; a lovely open curvature and a smooth & uniform height of flame.

Time of delivery remains the same as with other types of wicks; 2-3 weeks, depending on your ordering volume.

By the way; your chosen volume may be adapted to the size of bobbin – same procedure as always!


Request a sample now and see for yourself; this is optimized quality!
Contact us via Phone: +49 661 / 42194 – or simply via mail to: info@schreiber-wick.com