Did you actually know…

that you can obtain wicks from us for candles, made of renewable raw materials?

.. and most of all; candles made of renewable raw materials are used much more frequently and enjoy an accordingly increasing demand.
What exactly is the background? Besides the increasing thought of sustainability, these candles offer the advantage, besides anything else, a very smooth flame during an undisturbed consumption.

Why implementing a specific wick in this case as well?

Candles made of renewable raw materials like soya- or palm oil, quite often can´t be produced with common wicks; as they require specifically adjusted wicks.
There is a good reason for that: This wick requires a higher curvature as a wick made for paraffin-candles to provide the desired optimized flame-results.
Therefore, it is warrantied that these candles too, remain free of hickeys, which may be caused by using common wicks in this case. In order to meet this demand, we have developed the TLN-series for you!
It has been proven in practice that the new wick-series create a smooth and uniform curvature and makes the candle burn down without any residues – a highly desirable result.

The obvious result: satisfied customers, stronger customer relations and recommendations.


See for yourself and test our new TLN-Series!

Request your individual sample, either via phone; +49 661 / 42194 or simply per mail: info@schreiber-wick.com

By the way; these wicks offer fine results in container candles as well as in pillar candles.

Sizes & Variations for TLN-Series

TLN 10TLN 30TLN 46
TLN 12TLN 35TLN 48
TLN 13TLN 40TLN 49
TLN 20TLN 43TLN 50