Innovative Wick-Developments

The most fundamental issue to provide a quality candle consisting of high-value product characteristics and optimized flame results is the choice of the most suitable wick. …or, to put it bluntly; “The wick is the soul of the candle”.

The perfect wick – adapted to each individual requirement

As parameters for wick developments experience a constant change due to customized recipes and new mixing ratios, diverse manufacturer-depending production processes and a constant change of the materials, require high flexibility and expertise – a presumption for development processes.

These constant fluctuations of raw materials and mixing ratios require a continuous adaption within the wick-developments in order to meet every specific customer demand. Therefore, we constantly develop innovative features; as only, the perfect interaction of wicks and candles´ compounds is finally able to provide a high-value product.

Innovative solutions ensure your successful market position

By now, we have developed a broad range of standard wick-assortments that offer you a large variety of possibilities. Even though, it often is still not sufficient if a specific case requires specific handling. Instead, providing the ideal flame results diverse parameters have to be individually adapted to, in order to provide the most suitable solution of your product.

The state-of-art facility of our production plant and the implementation of high value raw materials for our yarns, enable us to develop accordingly and provide you with novelties and create innovative solutions. During this process, we even test the most delicate variations until the wick matches your requirements by 100%!

We only “go for” 100% solutions – and I am talking about a perfect wick – so our customers push their market position successfully. Our customers regard this perfection as “worth every Cent”, being satisfied customers.

Competent and creative developments

No matter what – a novelty or a current candle product – our highly qualified team of experts in wick-development creates the perfect wick in close communication with you; implements your desired product- targets precisely and meets your demands with profound technical Know How, competence and reliability. Due to our vast choice of wicks you can choose from, decades of experience, we find or we develop a tailor-made solution – just for you!

Close cooperation with our customer

The cooperation with our customers has changed a bit over the time, as we have been providing “fine tuning” for your customized solution. We base our “fine-tuning” on close consultation with our customers and service highly individually – the only way to provide you with maximum benefits. At this point, we would like to forward our appreciation, as we owe our skills to identify new issues early in time and detecting proper solutions, to all of our customers and their feedback!

Your Way to Your Perfect Wick

1Your Inquiry
Simply forward your specific wick-inquiry either via mail or give us a ring! Thus, we would need a few specifications from you; Product specification of the type of candle you are planning on, also raw materials, production-processing of candles and of course the desired flammability of the wick as well material consumption are decisive factors.
Wichtig! Voraussetzung für eine gute Zusammenarbeit mit einem hervorragenden Ergebnis ist u.a., dass Sie uns ein Produktmuster schicken. So können wir mit Hilfe von diversen Brenntests und entsprechenden Voreinstellungen genau die richtige Dochtvariante finden bzw. entwickeln.
2Availability Assessment
Upon your inquiry and product specifications we examine our current assortment of over 150 distinct types of wicks, to check if perhaps the perfectly matching wick, suiting your demand and your product, is already right at hand.
Availability Assessment -positive
3Recommendation of Wick and Dispatch of Sample
If we find the perfectly matching wick on our stock for you, we will provide you with an individual wick-recommendation and forward accordingly; one or more sample wicks to your house via post.
Availability-Assessment negative
3New Developments Integrating Customers´ Materials
Should our stocks not deliver the matching type of wick or perhaps you require a wick for an innovative as well as a current product with very specific characteristics; we simply develop this customized, individual wick for you. All it takes, is for you to just send your sample candles, so we can develop your perfectly matching wick.
4Flammability-Test & Feedback
You will be able to conduct diverse flammability-tests with the sample wicks we have picked out for you to make the right choice - in peace and quiet. Only then, you forward your feedback of the flammability-conduct of the sample wicks.
By the way: we would be happy to conduct a flammability test of your candle materials in our own in-house laboratory as well. So, if you wish, save time by sending us several product samples!
Flammability-Test positive
As soon as you are satisfied with the flammability-tests, we forward a larger quantity for your own machine-trials.
6Order & Production
As soon as the machine-trials have been successful, and you have made your choice, your order is submitted to our production.
Flammability-Test negative
5Optimization of Sample Wick
Should you not be satisfied with the result of the flammability-test, we approach the development of this wick anew to optimize your sample wick! Afterwards, we forward this new sample to you again and repeat this process until we find the perfect wick for you.
6Further Optimization
Should the machine-trial turn out to be not satisfactory, we find an innovative approach to develop your sample wick anew to optimize the results. Of course, we forward the newly developed sample to your house again. This process, we repeat until we find your perfect wick!
7Batch Production
We are only satisfied with our results until you are happy with your product – only then, we start with the batch-production of your perfect wick! Inquire for your perfect wick.

The Correct Choice of Wicks

The choice of the perfect wick is most likely the most difficult task but also the most important decision a candle manufacturer has to make.

A high quality value-product is only achieved by a perfect interaction of wick and candle substances. Facing the vast variety of candles and their according manufacturing processes, you can´t find any strict rules in this regards, that forbids to make a “sweeping statement” about the correct wick; as each manufacturer has his own individual recipes and formula for his candle production.

Paying great attention by choosing the right wick:

Which area is your candle designed for?
Indoor or outdoor?

What type of manufacturing process, do you implement?
Is your candle molded, dipped or perhaps made in a casting process?

What size and shape does your candle have?
Taper candle, board candle, pillar candles, tea lights or container candles?
Size, length, weight of candle?

What raw materials are implemented during production process?
Paraffin, Stearin, bee wax, lipids or a raw material mixture?

Do you apply fragrance and dyes?
Implementing dyes – solid-colored or dipped?
Which type of candle colors do you implement (lipid-based color, pigmented color, lacquer?)

Case Studies

Below you will find some practical examples of issues we are dealing with while developing wicks and consequently their obvious results

Our customer was looking for a possibility to increase the burning time of his candles. We have not only managed to maintain the size of the flame (14-15 mm) and a nearly constant burning time, we also have increased the burning time by 5% – only due to our diverse adaptions and sensitive modifications of machine-adjustment as well as delicately adapting the yarn.

We proudly announce; we have fulfilled our customer´s demand by 100%

Another, completely different case; our customer has entrusted us to optimize the wick for his memorial candles to achieve a better flame result.

After diverse tests and adaptions we have achieved an improved burning result by evidently having a stabilized evenly consumption of the candle substance. The challenge in this case was the environmental impact on the candle – in particular, withstanding cold temperatures and yet displaying a consistent consumption of the candle´s body-material. We have successfully passed this test!

Another customer´s request was the development or rather the optimization of a wick that so far had not provided a fine curvature.

This customer had implemented a Stearin-mixture, not having been very happy with the flame result of the wick. So, we conducted several burning tests by implementing our wicks in combination with our customers´ candle materials. We completed this development project by having optimized the wick curvature and therefore realized our customer´s request successfully.

Your contact-persons

Do you have questions about a specific product or are you looking for a completely new product solution? Contact us! We look forward to your inquiry!

Norbert & Carsten Staubach

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