Our commitment to quality

We implement high-value raw materials for our yarn, high quality wicks that are in accordance with OEKO-TEX® Standard 100.

Standard 100 is regarded as an autonomous testing- and certification system for textile products that defines the authorized limits of health-affecting substances in textile fiber. Upon this, we warrant that the implemented yarn-raw materials are all tested for harmful substances and therefore impeccable for your health.

Our utmost priority is the constant factor of high quality! Guarantying smooth flame results of each candle, we apply state of art braiding techniques, besides processing high-value yarn-raw materials. Every wick developed upon these criteria is tested in our in-house laboratory and are subject to strict quality control.

We provide qualified technical counselling and supportall around the perfect wick, by accompanying you throughout machine trials – whatever suits you best, directly on-site at your premises or via close-knit telephone consultation. We already start out directly upon your inquiry, continuing throughout product development, clear up to delivery. Your satisfaction is our motivation!

Our Quality Wicks – your Advantages

  • Optimized flame result of your candle by implementing the perfect wick.
  • Obvious upgrading in value of your candle´s quality by an optimized flame result.
  • Reduction of customers´ complaints by implementing a quality wick.
  • Cost-reduction by optimized material consumption and manufacturing process.

„We have a high demand on the quality of our wicks. Our main target is to support our customers with our experience, our Know How and flexibility, remaining the expertise-partner for you, our customers.“

Lukas Staubach, Production Management

Our Distinguished Service

Delivery-Warrant & Flexibility

As your reliable wick-supplier we warrant for a 100% delivery-safety, adhering to deadline-agreements and -if needs be- supplied in batch-deliveries. Due to our quite diversified, state of art production facilities we are also proud to ensure larger production volumes – upon demand and on short notice!

We also offer a diversity in sizes of bobbins and therefore sufficient delivery-flexibility to adapt to your demand on supply.

Close Cooperation with our Customers

Especially a close-knit consultation and intensive communication-exchange with our customer is of utmost importance – the only “way” to react without delay to modification requests, new parameters or any other demand that may arise – even if they occur on a very short notice – yet still providing the prefect wick!

This flow of communication and frequent contacting may surprise some of our new customers; however, our experience has proven that best customer relations emerge from close cooperation – and of course the top of products as well.

Unexpected Issues? Speedy Support!

Our highly qualified and dedicated team of wick experts will swiftly find solutions for the “unexpected” issues that may occur. These are exactly the challenges that spur our motivation!

100% Solutions

We are only satisfied having produced a 100% solution – only possible, as we have the highest demand on ourselves and our products; testing the most sensitive variations until the wick meets your demand by 100%. Our ambition is your profit!