Expertise and Know How. For more than 60 years.

Operating on the international market, offering decades of experience and state-of-art technical Know How in the field of developing wick as well as wick-production, we are able to find the perfect-matching solution for each customer ́s specific demand – moving on strong for over 60 years by now!

Over the years Schreiber GmbH has become a global player on the market and we have established ourselves as a reliable and high-performance partner in this field.

We are a middle-sized family enterprise with a long history of traditions and our tasks are imbued by values like determination, fairness and mutual trust – values that have been remaining up to these days – and we adhere to this philosophy with great pride!

Long lasting customer relations are for us the best proof that a reliable cooperation, based on high operational quality is the only fundament for mutual success.

„Our customers mainly appreciate our flexibility and our ambition to find 100%-solutions, even for the most demanding targets. At the `end of the day ́, for us the greatest motivation to continue `our way ́ is by having a happy customer after completion of a project.“

Norbert Staubach

Digitalization and technical advancements. Achieving a safeguarded future!

While maintaining the proven traditions, we also direct our visions ahead into the future. Digitalization, automatization, production 4.0 – these rapidly changing technical improvements and developments – we regard this as a great chance!

Said-done; we have been investing consequently in expansion and modernization of our production facilities, which will ensure highest quality; by us consequently enhancing the latest technical developments in order to deliver appropriate quality – also in the future.

However, not only machine technique needs to remain at state of art. In particular, the wick development demands a continuous improvement of products and processes as well as permanent research constitutes an immense importance! Here, our entire team “pulls out all the stops”, optimally deploying novelty-developments.

Handing over our enterprise to the next generation – to Mr. Carsten Staubach – a solid fundament was laid out for operating on a long term with fresh ideas, capturing modern dynamics and motivation and readiness to innovate for mastering the daily challenges of entrepreneurship.

„It is absolutely exciting to see which challenges are laying ahead, but also all the possibilities that are coming along with the topic ́production 4.0 ́. I consider this task – taking over this enterprise – as a great chance to make our company head off into the future!“

Carsten Staubach

Figures – Data – Facts – Schreiber GmbH in figures – perfect reasons for a cooperation

  • Over 60 years market-experience
  • Production on 150 machines
  • A diversity of 150 types of different wicks
  • Production of 360.000 meters of wick – daily
  • Innovative solution-concepts for your specific product
  • High-value quality-wicks of multifaceted variants
  • Customized wick-developments – precisely according to your requirements
  • Flame-testing in our in-house laboratory (applying your candle materials)
  • State of art technical production facilities

Your contact-partner

Norbert Staubach


„Long-term experience and continuous gain of competence, high-value quality in craftsmanship and implementing the most modern manufacturing-techniques characterize the success of our enterprise!“

Carsten Staubach


„It is our diligence that distinguishes us! We test even the most sensitive variation until your wick is in absolute accordance with your specifications – stringent by 100%.“


Schreiber GmbH was founded by Karl Schreiber in 1949. Initially starting out with the production of floor wax had developed quickly into the manufacturing and sales of candles.

Beginning the 70ies was the head start into the wick business, which enhanced this enterprise, over the years, developing into a well-recognized market-partner for candles and wicks.

2003 the growing enterprise was taken over by the current owner, Norbert Staubach. The third generation is “ready”, as Carsten Staubach started managing our production in 2009.

2016 Carsten Staubach was appointed as our Managing Director. The same year was meant to be that Lukas Staubach (Carsten ́s brother) took over production management. Furthermore, the realignment of focusing exclusively on wick development and wick production was established.

By targeting at our sectoral specialization on core skills and expertise, Schreiber GmbH has definitely obtained an EXCLUSIVE market position for high-value wicks.

1949Company was founded by Karl Schreiber, location: downtown Fulda (Germany) Sales of floor wax
1952Moving plant to our current production site in Fulda-Edelzell (Germany).Manufacturing of candles for the sacred setting and production of construction-illuminations.
1970Investments in braiding machines. Starting the production and development of wicks
1980Extension by a further production hall for candle- and wick-manufacturing.
Expansion of candle production.
Purchase of dipping tanks and a smoothing machine.
1990Expansion to European-wide distribution.
Simultaneously, further expansion of wick production.
2003Norbert Staubach, current CEO, purchases the enterprise for consistent continuation
2006Purchase of further production facilities for wick manufacturing.
2009Carsten Staubach (son of Norbert Staubach) obtains his Craftsmen-Master ́s Certificate He is appointed as Production Manager at our company.
2013Modernizing of wick production
Launch of image-improvement, by furbishing a new logo and a new slogan.
2016Carsten Staubach is appointed to the new Managing director. 2016 Lukas Staubach takes over production management.
Termination of candle production/focusing on wick development and wick production.